Setting your target

The Tracker uses your target production for the season as its guide and creates a prediction based on your calving pattern.
The curve that is produced shows the expected average weekly production. This provides a clear target for you and your team. If the target is hit each week, then the season target is achieved. If you fall short of the weekly targets, the system recalculates what the future targets need to be to get back on course.
You can edit your predicted calving pattern as cows calve in and reset your target at any time.

Monitoring progress

A link to your dairy company enables your actual milk production to be shown against the predicted production. This allows you to quickly identify where production is falling, or indeed better than you thought. You can access the Tracker from the farm office via your PC, or out in the field via your iPhone, iPad or android application.
The program has been created with the latest software technology which means that the results are fast and flexible.
Share with the team – Your staff, business partners and even your bank manager can each register to have access to your data.

The Tracker also features:

- Predictions for Milk Fat and Milk Protein
- Protein:Fat Ratio : which is not only important from a herd nutrition angle, but also a good P:F Ratio could result in your milk being worth 20c per KgMS more, worth $24,000 for the average herd.
- Cell count : The Tracker calculates the amount and cost of lost production from too high a cell count.


The system has helpful tips to assist you in making the most of the Tracker.
The help section has details about lactation curves, what to look for and how to interpret the results. For more assistance you can contact us via e-mail or phone.
Just complete the form on the right and Happy Tracking!